In-Employees vs. Full Service Digital Agencies: Pros And Cons

Many of the major players in the digital marketing space now offer the option to work with in-house staff or work with full-service agencies. Below, you’ll learn more about the differences between working with an in-house internet marketing agency and working with a full-service agency.

What is a Full-Service Digital Agency?

A full-service digital agency is a widely preferred marketing agency nowadays, as they will take care of the entire process of designing and executing an effective digital marketing strategy. This includes everything from keyword research to content evaluation, to page optimization to internal linking.

Full-Service Digital Agency: The Pros

These agencies will set up and manage your entire digital marketing campaign. They are highly preferred because all work is done by professionals who specialize in digital marketing.

Full-Service Digital Agency: The Cons

This marketing agency type might be a good one, but you have to pay more for the services. Full-service agencies also require a longer-term commitment. Also, all the staff might not have the necessary skillset for some types of campaigns.

What is an In-House Employee Agency?

An in-house employee agency is a marketing team that is owned and operated by the company they’re providing services to. They typically have an office onsite and offer a variety of different services like SEO, PPC advertising, social media management, etc. These agencies are usually managed by one person or a small team.

In-House Employee Agency: The Pros

With in-house, you have complete control over your marketing strategy. You can create your own strategy without any limitations from outside partners or coworkers. And yes, it’s less expensive than hiring a full-service agency.

In-House Employee Agency: The Cons

Many in-house digital agencies are new to the industry or inexperienced. Also, the hours tend to be long and drawn out. Working with them can often take more time than working with a full-service agency.

What to Choose Between the Two?

If you’re looking for more customization or want a higher level of expertise than what an in-house agency can provide, then you might want to consider working with a full-service digital agency. They offer more expertise and tend to have more resources available than in-house agencies.

If you are looking for someone who can do it all for you, then this might be the right route for you. But if you have employees with some experience in marketing, or if you simply don’t need as much expertise as what a full-service agency could provide, then an in-house agency might be better suited for your business’s needs.